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Want to live longer and better? Do strength training

by Harvard Health Publishing on

Regular physical activity promotes general good health, reduces the risk of developing many diseases, and helps you live a longer and healthier life. For many of us, "exercise" means walking, jogging, treadmill work, or other activities that get the... Read full article

5 Powerful Vitamin D Benefits That Make It a “Super-Vitamin”

by Michael Matthews on

Just a few years ago, vitamin D was simply known as the “bone vitamin,” and even today many physicians still believe it essential only for bone health.... Read full article

Reduced carbohydrate intake improves type 2 diabetics' ability to regulate blood sugar

by Science Daily on

atients with type 2 diabetes improve their ability to regulate blood sugar levels if they eat food with a reduced carbohydrate content and an increased share of protein and fat. The findings are contrary to the conventional dietary recommendations.... Read full article

Weightlifting is good for your heart and it doesn't take much

by ScienceDaily on

Lifting weights for less than an hour a week may reduce your risk for a heart attack or stroke by 40 to 70 percent, according to a new study. Spending more than an hour in the weight room did not yield any additional benefit, the researchers found.... Read full article

Effects of Resistance Exercise on Bone Health

by A Ram Hong and Sang Wan Kim on

The prevalence of chronic diseases including osteoporosis and sarcopenia increases as the population ages. Osteoporosis and sarcopenia are commonly associated with genetics, mechanical factors, and hormonal factors and primarily associated with aging... Read full article