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FNF offers great value fitness, health and wellness options for every member. Join today for the very best in gym, HIIT and yoga all under one roof. The Five Dock club is modern with clean workout areas available and offer a range of signature HIIT and yoga classes. At FNF you can take a friend for FREE on selected memberships for that extra motivation boost, link up with one of their highly skilled PTs, join passionate instructors in a class or simply do your own thing in their spacious strength, cardio and stretch areas. It's your workout, your way.

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FACILITIES CARDIO We have a wide range of equipment such as treadmills, bikes, cross trainers and rowers to really get your heart pumping. STRENGTH Whether you prefer free weights or resistance we have you covered. With loads of equipment you have no excuses to just stand around! STRETCH ZONE You MUST stretch after a workout to avoid injury and our stretch and abs zones are the perfect spot to wind down or warm up. VIRTUAL CYCLE Hop on a bike and cycle your way through terrain from around the world! Our virtual cycle classes are motivating and will always take you to new places. PERSONAL TRAINERS Our highly skilled team of Personal Trainers are here to help you achieve the body you have always dreamed of. Our PT's will work with you to tailor a program to suit your needs. SWIMMING POOL Our 25-metre swimming pool is perfect for an all over workout or a dip to refresh yourself after a hard session in the Gym! CHILDCARE Everyone should be able to work out! We know you have your hands full and so we have a team happy to watch your little ones while you have some you time!

CLASSES YOGABAR YB Barre Find your inner Ballerina! Have fun while toning and strengthening your body, developing longer, leaner muscles. Barre Attack is an awesome workout combining the best of pilates, fitness and ballet. This fun and effective class set to inspiring and motivating music will get you results in no time! Buns and ballet tights not required! You don’t need socks either! But booking a MUST! YB Flow Masters of the universe and beginners unite as we take Vinyasa Yoga to the top! We work together in this smooth continuous flow that will increase your strength and endurance. Are you ready to test the edge of your balance and flexibility? Let your steady breath heat the body and cool the mind. This class is not heated and is suitable for all levels. YB Reformer This machine based class uses springs and pulleys to promote length, strength, and flexibility.The instability of a rolling carriage with springs set at different levels of resistance provides stability challenges that develop core strength and promote better balance. YB Reformer - Foundation Our foundation Reformer classes are designed to give you time to familiarise yourself with the apparatus using exercises that take you slowly and systematically through the principles of Pilates, allowing you to link your breath as you activate your pelvic floor and your deep abdominal muscles. Beginner Reformer classes are about your level of Reformer knowledge rather than your fitness level and we recommend you take 3 to 4 foundation classes before joining an open class. YB Pilates Mat Core power to the people! This is a classic pilates mat class with energy! Lengthen & strengthen your muscles while building stamina & strength. Walk away feeling taller and more energised! Focusing on flexibility, core strength, balance and mobility, this mat class uses your own body weight for resistance. Suitable for all levels. Bookings essential. YB Beats Rock your flow to the latest beats in a strong and invigorating Vinyasa class. Use the music and the movement to allow yourself to explore where you can take your practice. The powerful combination of heat, music, breath and movement is where you can find your edge... YB #1 Come to the mat and learn to go with the flow! If you are clueless about yoga or just want to refresh your skills then this is the class for you. Find out why our mats are our happy place with this entry level class that focuses on basic yoga poses, fundamental breathing techniques and postural alignment. Experience the fundamental principles of Vinyasa Yoga while you flow through movement and breath. YB Hot If you are a yoga warrior then this is the class for you! This dynamic Vinyasa Yoga class will make you sweat as you challenge your body and mind! As the class heats up to 34 Degrees and you move from one asana to the next, build strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. You are a force to be reckoned with. YB Yin We all need a little yin in our lives and this class promises just that! Stretch and energise the deep tissues of your body to restore your alignment. Supported by props such as bolsters and blocks, poses can be held for up to 3 or 5 minutes and will release tension and calm the nervous system. YogaBar Yin will leave you feeling like you just spent two weeks on a tropical island paradise. Minus the tan. YB Yin / Meditation We all need a little yin in our lives and this class promises just that! Stretch and energise the deep tissues of your body to restore your alignment. Supported by props such as bolsters and blocks, poses can be held for up to 3 or 5 minutes and will release tension and calm the nervous system. YogaBar Yin will leave you feeling like you just spent two weeks on a tropical island paradise. Minus the tan. This class also includes a 10-15 minute guided meditation at the end. QMAX Tokyo ATTACK Say Konnichiwa to Tokyo Attack! Tabata Training has been around forever... just like Mt Fuji! This sports training will help you increase fitness and strength with just 20 seconds of cardio and conditioning work and 10 second rests repeated for 4 minutes or until you drop this workout really gets results! Tokyo Attack is fantastic for weight loss, fitness and strength. This workout is suitable for all levels. New York HIIT Looking to burn calories like a real New Yorker? Then New York High Intensity Training is for you! This Group Exercise Workshop contains intervals of strength and Cardio that are great for conditioning, weight loss and will get your heart racing just like your first trip to the big apple! This workout is suitable for all levels. Shanghai BOX Find your hidden dragon with three rounds of fat fighting fun! This boxing themed class includes all your favourite Qmax exercises as well as partner shield work and our signature Boxmaster workout. The decision is unanimous, Shanghai Box really packs a punch by challenging your fitness, burning calories, and gaining knockout arm and core strength. Havana Booty 27 Say it three times and it sounds like ‘I want a booty’ which is exactly what you’ll get from this class! Focused around toning the booty, thighs and abs while burning major calories. Not only will it give you a body Queen Bey herself would be envious of, strong glutes also provide great support to your knees, back and core and make you a power house in all other movements. Miami ABS Strut the beach with confidence Miami Style... Miami Abs training combines compound movements to get the core working & Abs burning. This trainer led workout will improve strength, alleviate back pain and give you some ripping abs in no time! This workout is suitable for all levels. London LIFT Get the London Look... London Lift is all about building strength and staying lean. A combination of body weight exercises, traditional weight lifting and new age strength training equipment this trainer led Performance Training will keep you challenged throughout the workout. This workout is suitable for all levels. VIRTUAL CYCLE

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